Payment Terms

All orders from the webshop money the goods only leave if the payment is completed. Below are the different payment options and their specific characteristics. 

(B) = Belgian payment option

(NL) = Dutch payment option

(WW) = Worldwide


 How doe Mister Cash work?   (B)

Mister Cash makes use of a physical card which is linked to a credit balance on Belgian bank account. The card can be used both online and offline to help pay. Payments via Mister Cash are guaranteed. Mister Cash is a great reputation among Belgian merchants and consumers. With more than 1 billion payments each year, Mister Cash is by far the most popular method of payment in Belgium. 


How does a Transfer work? (B) (NL) (WW)

A transfer is the most standard way to pay. Anyone with access to Internet banking has the ability to pay in this way. Through its own trusted banking environment your customer can make a payment to satisfy you. Mollie takes care of the rest. An incorrect transaction? Mollie then does the refunds automatically.


How does iDEAL work? (NL)

Since the introduction of iDEAL in 2005, this payment service quickly developed to become the catalyst of the Dutch online sales. iDEAL works directly with ten large banks in the Netherlands: ING, ABN AMRO, Rabobank, SNS Bank, Regions Bank, Friesland Bank, Triodos, ASN Bank, Van Lanschot and Knab.

After the consumer has chosen iDEAL as a payment method, the bank selected. The actual payment will then place in the familiar surroundings of the website of the bank. In this environment, the bank guarantees safety. Buyer and seller are assured of a transparent transaction with no hidden costs.


How does PayPal work? (B) (NL) (WWW)

Bank accounts, credit cards, readers and random authentication codes ... so many numbers to remember and all those awkward additional actions to something as simple as a payment to perform. That can be different!

In a few clicks you can receive payments by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal balance. The only thing the buyer needs to pay for you is your email address.

One of the reasons to use PayPal's security. PayPal gives you an extra form of protection when paying your financial and private data actually keep private. The persons to which you transfer money do not get to see. Your bank or credit card details And because your data is stored securely, you have nowhere it - online or public - to enter.